Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons (SLS) 
“Workshop for Young Surgeons- Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery”
Thursday 6 October 2022
Medical University Pleven Telecommunications Center

09:00		Opening Comments
		Dobromir Dimitrov MD PhD
                Phillip Shadduck MD DrHC

09:15-10:45	Didactic Session
		Moderators:	Ian Hodgdon, Rick Satava
		Presentations (12 minute presentation, 3 minute discussion)
		Autologous Skin for Abdominal Wall Repair-        Hodgdon
		Vascular Injuries in MIS-	Morrison
		Operative Consent—Process, Form, Relationship-	Shadduck
		Approach to Improve Surgeon/Team Skills & 
                Outcomes using VBA-	Redan
		From Driver-less Cars to Surgeon-less Robots-	Redan
		Impact of Future Technologies on 
                 Healthcare & Surgery-	Satava

10:45-11:00	Break

11:00-12:00	“Surgical Surprises” Videos
		Moderators:	John Morrison, Jay Redan, Phil Shadduck

12:00-13:00	Lunch Break  [faculty set up hands-on stations]

13:00-18:00	Young Surgeons divide into smaller groups; rotate through 
                3 stations for 90 minutes per station

13:00-14:30	Rotation 1
14:30-14:45	Break; Change Stations
14:45-16:15	Rotation 2
16:15-16:30	Break; Change Stations
16:30-18:00	Rotation 3

Stations	Hands-On Course:  Laparoscopic Suturing Skills Lab
                Location:  Simulation Lab
                2-3 Pelvic Trainer Stations
Course Faculty:	 John Morrison, Phil Shadduck
		Hands-On Course:  Animal Lab
			Location:  Animal Lab
One swine per 90 minute rotation
Course Faculty:	 Ian Hodgdon, Martin Karamanliev
		Hands-On Course:  Robotic Simulation
			Location:  DaVinci robot
			Course Faculty:  Jay Redan, Rick Satava

18:00		Closing Comments
		Dobrоmir Dimitrov MD PhD
                Phillip Shadduck MD DrHC
The participants in the course will be awarded with certificate for SLS course attendance.